About KODERMA - District

Koderma District was formed out of old Hazaribag District on 10th April, 1994. Koderma District is situated at an altitude of 397 meters above sea level, 24.15 degree and 24.49 latitude, 85.26 degree and 85.54 degree longitude.

Total geographical area is 1500 k.m. The district consists of one sub-division and five blocks. Koderma is also called Abharakh Nagri as mica is abundantly available here. Koderma is the northern edge of the chhotanagpur plateau its climate is moderately hot and slightly humid its climate can be divided ino three parts rainy season, winter season and summer season.

rainy season commences from May and ends in October winter season starts in November and ends February and summer season starts in March and ends in May. The average rain fall is 1192 mm and the minimum and maximum temperature are 4 degree and 42 degree Celsius respectively. Mostly the soil is lateritie however there are patches of clay soil due to lateritie nature of the soil crop production is restricted to paddy crop, but in the clay soil area Wheat, Potato, Radish etc. are also grown.


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